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  • I've been tweeting. A lot. It's a guilty pleasure full of empty intellectual calories. In the wake of the 2016 Presidential Elections, I've been trying to process and categorize my thoughts and feelings. Pithy retorts. Quips. Even vulgar exhortations. I've bunkered down in a social media foxhole filled with snarky comebacks and stealth observations. To what end?


    The President Elect is proving true to form. His arrogance, ignorance and gobsmacking corruption are on full display for the whole world to see. Make no mistake, they are seeing it. If you don't feel the earth trembling beneath your feet, then you aren't paying attention. It gives me zero pleasure to relate my observations and it may be of little value for me to share them. But, my fellow Americans, we are in a moment of genuine crisis now. The bitter calumny and falseness coming from 5th Avenue are not just shots across our Nation's bow, they are fully armed torpedoes heading straight at civilization as we know it. America's decency isn't just a quaint notion and it must never be taken for granted. And yet it is. Tragically, what's at stake isn't merely a tone in our national discourse, which has moved from shrill and piercing to an even more sickening dull sub-earthen death moan. It's worse. It's not just the fabric of our social skin that tears, rather, the structural integrity of Democracy, of our economy and our relationships around the world are under assault.

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  • November 24, 2016

    Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!!!! It's the first without my Mother on the planet. I'm Thankful to have had her as my one and only incredible Mom. On this holiday, I'm Thankful for so many reasons; My Wife and Three Daughters Ali, Elizabeth and Bella, chief among them. So, why the dystopian image? 

    DAPL Protests

    Police used tear gas on demonstrators opposed to the Dakota Access oil pipeline in North Dakota, on Sunday. Credit Stephanie Keith/Reuters

    We teach our kids about Pilgrims and Natives and Autumn Harvest feasts. I'm not sure if you guys are aware of it, but there is something happening in North Dakota right now, not just awful but something truly unjust, commonly referred to as the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL).

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  • November 10, 2016

    First, I'm fine. We are all fine. Devastation and hysteria aren't useful. Shock and dismay are disingenuous. Heartbreak and sadness are easier to understand. This was predictable and feared, if not predicted. For millennia, White Men have never willingly yielded power. Last night was no different. Women, Minorities and Millennials simply didn't care ENOUGH, in sufficient numbers to show up. Tens of millions cared deeply, but fewer millions than in the past took the interest or the time to vote (5 million fewer than in 2012).

    With my bosses, the Hillary Clinton Surrogate Team.

    With my bosses, the Hillary Clinton Surrogate Team.

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  • September 23, 2016

    Cuanto más odia la gente a Hillary, absolutamente más la amo. Estamos bajo el agujero del conejo, estamos en el lado oscuro de la luna, estamos perdidos en un desierto en este punto de las Elecciones Presidenciales del 2016. Me gustaría poder decir que ya ni siquiera reconozco mi país, pero sí lo hago. Este sueño febril de la locura ciudadana es demasiado familiar.

    Sean Astin

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  • September 22, 2016

    The more that people hate on Hillary, the more I absolutely love her. We are down the rabbit hole, we’re on the dark side of the moon, we’re lost in the desert at this point in the Presidential Election of 2016. I wish I could say that I don’t even recognize my country anymore, but I do. This fever dream of civic insanity is all too familiar.

    Campaigning for Hillary

    Donald Trump is not clever. He’s just dumb enough to wreck our political system for sport. He’s using 3rd grade, “I know you are but what am I” school yard tactics and “the media” is now totally incapable of dealing with it. The amount of times that hosts and pundits call out his lies is only surpassed by Trump surrogates and the even more pernicious lies they offer in his defense. Worse than that, every single day, this clumsy political oaf is thundering across the body politic, suppressing logic, co-opting any real chance at discussion and completely, alarmingly inverting and obliterating good sense and the right and natural order of things.

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2 minutes in the vox

2Min InVox Ep6 NY H264 HI from Sean Astin on Vimeo.

  • Love Each Other and Respect New York City

    Love Each Other and Respect New York City

    In New York, Sean found someone to talk to to find out what issues are important to her and to find out if she is confident that the government can fix these problems.

  • Opportunity to work hard

    Opportunity to work hard

    Sean is still in DC and joined by a husband and husband team one working at the New Organizing Institute and the other at Fitzgibbon Media. Both work with progressive leaders to help them to tell their story.

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