October 30, 2014: Finale

Vox Populi Radio

October 30, 2014

This is the finale of the 2nd season of VoxPopuli Radio. Sean will be joined by Edith Jibunoh of the World Bank along with members of #TeamVox as we celebrate the year long journey that has been our 2nd season. 

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2 minutes in the vox

2Min InVox Ep6 NY H264 HI from Sean Astin on Vimeo.

  • Love Each Other and Respect New York City

    Love Each Other and Respect New York City

    In New York, Sean found someone to talk to to find out what issues are important to her and to find out if she is confident that the government can fix these problems.

  • Opportunity to work hard

    Opportunity to work hard

    Sean is still in DC and joined by a husband and husband team one working at the New Organizing Institute and the other at Fitzgibbon Media. Both work with progressive leaders to help them to tell their story.

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  • Please visit The Patty Duke Mental Health Initiative: InMemoryOfPattyDuke.com.

    To each of you, all of you and the entire world :-)))

    My mother's life touched tens of millions of people. Her ground-breaking portrayal of iconic American legend Helen Keller launched a career that would span six decades. First on broadway and then on the silver screen, Patty Duke's characterization of the extraordinary development of the blind/deaf child brought global attention to the plight of people living with those challenges.


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  • Need a rhetorical boost in your life? Dwight D. Eisenhower's Farewell speech on January 17, 1961, is a civic mind blower!!!

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  • Teachers, Students, Fellow Citizens and folks around the world,

    The Declaration of Independence is the founding document of our Nation. I hope you enjoy hearing this audio recording as much as I did making it.

    I found it an emotional experience. We hear so much about how weak and ineffective our Government is these days. Well, the clarity and force of this document is an inspiration!


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  • Sean Astin

    Donald Trump's rallies have been flooded with protesters. The candidate is clearly provoking violence to gain political advantage. Let's discuss: Tactics, Consequences, History, Justifications, News Coverage, Candidates and Parties responses etc… Opinion from all sides are welcome. Civil Discoursed will be strictly enforced.

    Listen here: VIOLENCE ON THE TRAIL U.S. Presidential Campaign 2016 03/13 by Vox Populi Radio | Politics Podcasts

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  • February 9, 2016

    Do you trust Hillary? Does your answer reveal as much about yourself as it does about her?

    If you feel a burning visceral hatred just hearing these questions, know that I honor your right to despise, but respectfully request that you stop reading, don't comment, "unlike me" and leave my page. I am an actor whose view is no more important than anyone else's. My views are no less important. I am a citizen. I registered for the Selective Service (the draft) on my 18th birthday as required by law. I pay my taxes. Like every American, I am afforded the Constitutional Protection provided by the 1st Amendment guaranteeing my freedom to speak. The Constitution makes no exceptions for actors or "celebrities." Moreover, my work as a volunteer and advocate within and without the system is likely unknown to you, but is most assuredly worthy of respect by my fellow countrymen.


    I am forced to preface my thoughts because of the litany of thoughtless, mean spirited and hate filled comments on my previous posts in support of my candidate, Secretary Clinton.

    A large number of character maligning comments came from Christians. It is decidedly un-Christian to attack someone and impugn their motives for sharing ones views.

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