May 1, 2014: Vox Populi Season Two Premiere

Vox Populi Radio

May 1, 2014

On May 1 we began season 2 of Vox Populi Radio, hosted on and made possible by our generous Kickstarter backers. In this first episode, we introduced our new Producer Cameron Onumah, and my little brother Mackenzie Astin cohosted.

Fellow voice actor Rob Paulsen stopped by to do a staged reading of an historic May Day message from Vladimir Lenin, and David Speedie called in to give us the historical context for the Russian intervention in Ukraine. is an international non-profit that uses both grass roots and top level approaches to battling poverty world wide. RESULTS members Ken Patterson, Director of Global Grassroots Advocacy, Vanessa Garcia, Orange County Group Leader, and Mark Campbell, Regional Coordinator, joined us in studio to discuss their work.

Tune in, call in and tweet in Thursdays, noon to 2pm PT and #RaiseYourVox!

Call in number is 855-878-4652.